Welcome to ZAO hot Spring!
Our inn is a Japanese traditional accommodation.

We have facilities of sulfurous hot spring, which you can use for 24 hours.
Bath and lavatories are for common use.

Package Rate
One-night stay (including supper and breakfast) --- JPY8,025(with tax)
One-night stay (including supper and breakfast) --- JPY7,950(with tax)
Sorry, we cannot prepare YUKATA, towel and toothbrush, please prepare you they.
Our staff can speak English a little bit. Sorry.

Please come and stay here.
If you have an opportunity, you can look at photograph of the four seasons of Zao.

How to find our hotel
It takes 1 hour from Narita to Ueno by train. (KEISEI-LINE)
Transfer at Tokyo station to Yamagata-Shinkansen. (2 hours 30 minutes)

Get off at Yamagata Station and take on the bus to Zao Onsen (Bus stop no.1 50 minutes)
After arriving at ZAO Onsen Bus Terminal, go out of the front door; turn right up the main street.
Then take the first street on your left (if you cross the river, you have gone too far.)
You should walk that name is TAKAYU-DOURI.
Our hotel is located on the left side of TAKAYU-DOURI next after the public bath.
It is likely not to understand easily from my explanation.
At that time, it might be good to print the map.

21 Zao-Onsen Yamagata-City Yamagata-pref Japan
Postal code 990-2301
Fax: +81-(0)23−694−9220

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